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Dynamic Warm Up with Houston Texans’ Roland Ramirez

Thank you to Roland Ramirez, Roland-RamirezHouston Texans Assistant Athletic Trainer and Director of Rehabilitation for working with
Houston Methodist Sports Medicine to assemble this video on Dynamic Warm Up. This is key for preparation, injury prevention, and performance optimization. Dynamic Warmup with Roland Ramirez


Interesting article on Tommy John Surgery.

Jon Roegele has compiled lots of information about pro players having Tommy John surgery. Though the return to play rate is excellent, we really can’t tell how well these players pitched after their return from surgery. ERA/WHIP/innings pitched/FIP/BB, etc would help tell the story of how well these players actually do.


White Water Kayaking after Rotator Cuff Repair

Linda day kayaking after cuff repair

One of our patients, 73 year old L.D. has returned to white water kayaking after finishing her rehab following repair of a large rotator cuff tear.  Linda day kayaking after cuff repairShe continues to run Class 4 rapids without pain. She can even put the kayak on top of her car by herself!

Endurance Athletes now have a a program focused on their types of injuries and how to accelerate their recovery.

Endurance athletes push their boundaries and at times develop injuries that can take them off their bike, out of the pool, or off the road.. The injury and treatment can be frustrating for both the athlete and the physician. In order to accelerate recovery and minimize the athlete’s time away from their passion, Houston Methodist Hospital and Dr. Josh Harris have established a program in Endurance Medicine. Check out the story on KUHF.

Radio interview with Florida station regarding ski injuries

Dr. Lintner was interviewed by a radio station in Florida regarding how to prepare for ski season and hopefully avoid injury.


Alter G treadmill seemingly defies gravity!

The Alter G is a very cool treadmill that incorporates an inflatable “bag” that floats the runner and decreases the body weight impacting the lower extremity. This is very useful for those recovering from lower extremity injuries such as stress fractures and knee surgery. This is a lacrosse player who had a stress fracture in his foot. He was able to train and even run intervals weeks earlier than otherwise possible by using the Alter G at Houston Methodist Center for Sports Medicine.  Alter G treadmill

Annette Monks rocks! National Champion!!


annette monksAnnette Monks has recovered from her shoulder injury and subsequent surgery to become a multiple National Champion in competitive dance. She did her post-operative rehab with Mo at Houston Methodist’s  Timmons facility.

She says “the shoulder being healed put me over the top!”

How about that?!?

New surgical video on Rotator Cuff Repair Augmented with Stem Cells and Growth Factors.

Rotator Cuff Repair can be improved by using the patient’s own stem cells to stimulate healing. This is a video of real surgery in which I harvest the patients stem cells from his bone marrow in the same shoulder were I am repairing his rotator cuff.  We have the technology to prepare the stem cells and growth factors in the OR while the repair is being completed, then injecting them into the repair site to foster more rapid and thorough healing.  This technique was recently featured on Houston’s ABC Channel 13 News.Video

Your Own Stem Cells Can Help You Heal

Since 2012 Dr. Lintner has been using patients’ own stem cells to augment their healing after shoulder and knee surgery. The results are promising! Click here to see the interview with Channel 13 and Dr. Lintner.

Take ownership of your own digital health record on your smartphone!

Electronic medical records are growing but they are unwieldy for physicians and not accessible to patients who may want/need to have their records with them as they travel, visit different physicians, etc. Or to simply have your child’s immunization records when you are filling out the summer camp application.  ChartSpan is designed to solve that problem. You can carry your medical records on your smartphone, upload/download at the click of a button, share previous images and reports with new doctors, etc. The OCR technology allows you to take a picture of the doctors note and ChartSpan then sorts the data into topics (such as medications, tests, diagnoses, etc) so it is organized and searchable.  Very Cool.  Check it out.

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