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Preseason Preparation Program


Graduated Throwing Program


This is a program intended to prepare you for the upcoming season. It is for uninjured players to develop arm strength, and should be done in conjunction with a rotator cuff exercise program and general condition. The importance of aerobic fitness for pitchers can not be over-stressed. Pitching is a very intense aerobic activity, and the pitcher’s effectiveness will be higher if he is fit. Our major league pitchers will often have a sustained heart rate over 130-145 during an inning, so conditioning is key.

Shadow throws are a slow throwing motion in a figure 8 pattern.
Sock throw is a throw into a special device where you can throw a ball in the training without being on the field.
These are done leading up to throwing during the last stages of rehab.

60-90-60 program is instructed as follows:
Warm up, when loose start clock throw 60 feet with no arc then after three minutes move back to 90 feet throw again with no arc emphasing good extension through target. After the prescribed number of minutes at 90 feet shorten to 60 feet for three more minutes emphasing location rather than velocity for fine motor skill practice.

Click here to download the Graduated Throwing Program

Excel file, revised April 2006


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