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New!!Dynamic Warmup with the Houston Texans’ Athletic Trainer and Director of Rehabilitation Roland Ramirez ATC LAT PT SCS CSCS. This series of warm up drills will improve you performance and decrease your risk of injury.

ACL Rehab, some creative options for preparation for  return to play. Use features of your athletic complex (long jump pit, over a rope), body blade/foam roller.  Videos by Michael Kleinstub, Athletic Trainer at St. Johns School, Houston, TX

Stem Cells/bone marrow growth factors for rotator cuff repair (Fox News)

Alter G treadmill lets you run with less impact than your body weight.

Physical Examination of the Elbow

Physical Examination of the Shoulder

Rotator Cuff Repair Augmented with Autologous Stem Cells ( Surgical Video)

Use your own Stem Cells to Augment Healing

ABC 13 News Interview with Dr. Lintner re Stem Cells in Rotator Cuff Repair

What a rotator cuff tear looks like before and after repair

Arthroscopy of a Pro Pitcher’s Elbow with Loose Bodies/Chips/Spurs

Calcific Tendonitis fo the Rotator Cuff

Cross Body Stretch for Capsular Tightness in Thrower’s Shoulder

Shoulder Exercises for the Thrower’s Shoulder – Level 1

Shoulder Exercises for the Thrower’s Shoulder – Level 2

Surgical Video of Before- and After- Repair of a Very Large Rotator Cuff Tear ( Double Row Technique)



Baserunning Home to First Base


Physical Examination of the Elbow by Dr. David Lintner.

This video shows how to examine an injured elbow in the athlete with an emphasis on throwing injuries.

Physical Examination of the Shoulder by Dr. David Lintner.

This video shows how to examine the athlete’s shoulder with emphasis on the rotator cuff, labrum, and ligaments. Issues common to thrower’s shoulder are highlighted.

Stem Cells to Accelerate Healing After Surgery.

We can use stem cells to help surgical patients heal faster. Dr. Lintner was the first surgeon in Houston to use a patient’s own stem cells to accelerate healing after rotator cuff repair with the Biomet Biocue system. This system allows the surgeon to aspirate stem cells from the patients own bone marrow and inject them directly into the repair site… all in one surgery. No need for multiple procedures. This video shows how we obtain the marrow from the humerus (arm bone) during a rotator cuff repair. Check out the video monitor in the background to see what we are watching inside the shoulder during this part of the procedure.

Calcific Tendonitis

Calcific tendonitis occurs when the rotator cuff is inflamed/damaged and the repair mechanism goes a bit wrong. Instead of repairing the damage with tendon fibrous tissue, the body puts calcium deposits in the damaged area. These can be very painful. The deposits start off soft and then firm up into a chalky substance. In this video you can see the gritty/chalky more mature calcium deposit in the initial portion, later you can see the softer material leaking.  After the calcium deposits are removed we use sutures to close the defect in the tendon.

Cross Body Stretch with Scapula Stabilized.

This is the way to stretch the posterior capsule. This requires a therapist or athletic trainer to help stabilize the scapula. TO do this requires a firm pressure on the lateral border of the scapula to hold it still as the arm is pushed across the chest. Don’t let the arm rotate as you push, keep the forearm parallel to the shoulders, don’t allow it to rotate! Check out the video.

Shoulder Exercises for Pitchers – Level 1

These exercises are the basic prep exercises for pitchers before the season starts. They are a good maintenance program foundation through the season as well. Once you have a good base, advance to Level 2.

Shoulder Exercises for Pitchers – Level 2

Once you have a good base of rotator cuff strength, you can progress to Level 2 exercises. Keep them up as a maintenance program to minimize risk of injury.

Alter G treadmill allows early return to running after injury by seemingly defying gravity.

The Alter G is a very cool treadmill that incorporates an inflatable “bag” that floats the runner and decreases the body weight impacting the lower extremity. This is very useful for those recovering from lower extremity injuries such as stress fractures and knee surgery. This is a lacrosse player who had a stress fracture in his foot. He was able to train and even run intervals weeks earlier than otherwise possible by using the Alter G at Houston Methodist Center for Sports Medicine.


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