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Thrower’s Shoulder Program


Thrower's Shoulder Program

To be used for nonop treatment of throwers’ shoulder issues as well as in UCL rehab/prep to return to throwing

  • Emphasize scapular posture awareness and control.
  • Reinforce/cue correct scapula positioning during all exercises and ADL’s.
  • GIRD protocol exercises
  • Posterior capsule stretch including cross body with scapula stabilized (
  • Dynamic stability in overhead position
  • Dynamic stability in follow through position
  • Eccentric rotator cuff and scapula strength in release/follow through arc
  • Rehearse proper scapula positioning with ball in hand and arm cocked
  • Hip and core stability in single leg stance, single leg standing hip rotation, single leg hip hinge
  • Include core endurance in addition to strength
  • Core strength in rotation movements
  • Thoracic spine mobility


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