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Annette Monks rocks! National Champion!!


annette monksAnnette Monks has recovered from her shoulder injury and subsequent surgery to become a multiple National Champion in competitive dance. She did her post-operative rehab with Mo at Houston Methodist’s  Timmons facility.

She says “the shoulder being healed put me over the top!”

How about that?!?

New surgical video on Rotator Cuff Repair Augmented with Stem Cells and Growth Factors.

Rotator Cuff Repair can be improved by using the patient’s own stem cells to stimulate healing. This is a video of real surgery in which I harvest the patients stem cells from his bone marrow in the same shoulder were I am repairing his rotator cuff.  We have the technology to prepare the stem cells and growth factors in the OR while the repair is being completed, then injecting them into the repair site to foster more rapid and thorough healing.  This technique was recently featured on Houston’s ABC Channel 13 News.Video

Stems cells for shoulder or knee surgery?

For the last 18 months I have been taking advantage of the stem cells naturally present in your bone marrow to accelerate my patients healing after shoulder and knee surgery. Using the Biomet Biocue system, I aspirate the marrow, concentrate the stem cells then re-inject them into the repair site during surgery. This can be done for knee and shoulder surgery. This way my patients get the advantages of using stem cells to accelerate healing after surgery. The cool thing is it can be done right at the time of the repair… no need for a second procedure to obtain the stem cells!

This video shows the aspiration of bone marrow from a patients right shoulder while we are doing a rotator cuff repair. We punch a hole in the bone (that we would have anyway during the course of the repair), take the marrow, and then a technician will concentrate the stem cells from the marrow while I am doing the repair with my surgical team.  Once the repair is complete I inject the stem cells into the repair site. If you look at the video monitor in the background you can see what we are watching inside the shoulder with the arthroscope while obtaining the marrow.

Prep for Sports! Agility training is key!

Dr. Lintner is interviewed by KPRC  Channel 2 reporter Rachel McNeill regarding how to prepare for sports that involve cutting and jumping. Strength is important, but you can and should train your ability to land from a jump, balance, etc.

Football is coming, are you ready for the heat?

Dr. Lintner is interviewed about preparing for football practice in the heat. It is important to acclimate for the heat by exercising outside BEFORE football ( or any fall sport) begins.

Is Field Turf Safer than Natural Grass?

Field Turf vs Natural Grass in American Journal of Sports Medicine Here is very good article written by other NFL team physicians regrding the injury rates on these popular playing surfaces. The old artifical turf was associated with higher injury rates, but this paper examines the newer type of turf that hopefully will act more like natural grass. The authors found that overall injury rates were similar, but ACL tears and eversion (high-ankle) sprains were more common on Field Turf. Note that this study was done on NFL players, so it may not apply to everyone.   Dr. L.

Dr. Lintner interviewed about faking of injuries in the NFL.

Listen to “Faking of injuries in the NFL?”

US News and World Report names Dr. Lintner to “The Best Doctors in America”

Dr. David Lintner was named to the US News and World Report list of The Best Doctors in America.Dr. Lintner is the Chief of Sports Medicine at The Methodist Hospital and The Methodist Center for Sports Medicine, the Head Team Physician for the Houston Astros, a Team Orthopedist for the Houston Texans, and Director of the Methodist Hospital Sports Medicine Fellowship. This honor is in addition to his regularly being named as a “Texas Super Doc” by Texas Monthly magazine.  He specializes in Sports Medicine, Surgery of the Shoulder, Surgery of the Knee, and treatment of thrower’s injuries of the shoulder and elbow.

Radio Interview

Listen to Dr. Lintner’s interview on Sports Radio 610 Regarding Heat Illness in Athletes.

Avoid Heat Illness in Athletes.

How Texas is Striving to Make Football Safer

Dr. Lintner is interviewed in Dave Campbell’s 2011 Texas Football magazine article regarding concussions, heat illness, and what Texas is doing to make football safer. Read about it here:

2011 Texas Football-Concussion article

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