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Prep for Sports! Agility training is key!

Dr. Lintner is interviewed by KPRC  Channel 2 reporter Rachel McNeill regarding how to prepare for sports that involve cutting and jumping. Strength is important, but you can and should train your ability to land from a jump, balance, etc.

Is Field Turf Safer than Natural Grass?

Field Turf vs Natural Grass in American Journal of Sports Medicine Here is very good article written by other NFL team physicians regrding the injury rates on these popular playing surfaces. The old artifical turf was associated with higher injury rates, but this paper examines the newer type of turf that hopefully will act more like natural grass. The authors found that overall injury rates were similar, but ACL tears and eversion (high-ankle) sprains were more common on Field Turf. Note that this study was done on NFL players, so it may not apply to everyone.   Dr. L.

Dr. Lintner Interviewed About Sore Knees

Dr. David Lintner was recently interviewed on Sports Radio 610 about sore knees, especially among “weekend warriors.”

Knee pain can be related to age, inflammation along growth plates, stress fractures, or even weight issues.

Listen to the audio from the interview below…
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